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Black Friday Offer ! Code:BFCM

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Quite a title, but it summarises all the characteristics of this unique push-up bra.Through its smart design this flexible bra pushes up your breasts without the use of straps. With this bra you can wear those tricky t-shirts, tops and open dresses with confidence.

The silicone self-adhesive cups stay were you put them and through the adjustable drawstring you can easily adjust the push-up effect to create that killer cleavage that shows off nicely under a tight top or dress. 

Since there are no straps or back strings holding the bra in place this bra allows you to wear it invisibly. Perfect for these special occasions were you need to shine with confidence. This makes this bra an ideal practical item for your wardrobe.

BRA Summary

INVISIBLE STRAPLESS AND BACKLESS PUSH UP BRA: For women who want that extra 'perk-me-up' especially when wearing dresses and tops with tricky necklines. 

LIGHTWEIGHT & NATURAL FEELING: This bra is soft to touch and natural to look at. This bra will give you maximum comfort and allows you to move freely.

NO SLIPPING! SUPPORTS, LIFTS & SHAPES: Magically brings your assets together. It enhances the overall appearance of your bust by allowing you to shape & lift your breasts to your desire. 

REUSABLE & ALLERGY FREE: This bra will keep your breasts supported and perky for up to 8 hours per wear.

Outer: Nylon & Spandex
Inner: Silicone

Bra Size Chart:

  • A= 70/32A 70/32B 75/34A
  • B= 70/32C 75/34B 80/36A 80/36B
  • C= 70/32D 75/34C 8/36C 85/36A 85/36B
  • D/DD= 70/32E 75/34D 75/34E 80/36D 85/36C 85/36DD

 Benefits of This Waist Shaper

  • Fits under most clothing: You can wear virtually any clothing over it without any discomfort and no one will know you’re wearing it.
  • Firm but also flexible: The Waist Shaper is made using superior steel bone construction. The 4 steel bones are just as soft as plastic bones but have much better flexibility and recover instantly. This allows for the shaper to be firm enough to take inches off your waist but flexible enough that it won’t impact your day to day activities.
  • Stretchy and durable: With natural Cotton and a blend of Polyester and Spandex, your new Waist Shaper will last for years.

For size please measure and select the trainer based on the following chart

Different Country  Waist Size Table

It's sized by body waist size (one inch above belly button)
If your waist size is between two size, we suggest you choose a bigger size.


  • 3 rows of adjustable hooks
  • Air holes for breathability
  • Lightly boned structure (Non irritating)
  • Compression material


  • Keeps Stomach / Waist Region Tight
  • Aids in Weight Loss
  • Suppresses Hunger
  • Improves Posture
  • Drastically Reduces Back Pain

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