Black Friday Offer ! Code:BFCM

Black Friday Offer ! Code:BFCM

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Material:  3mm Neoprene Wetsuit Material

Function:  Keep your feet warm. Prevent the corals and reef scratch feet.


1. Double fasten , adjustable tightness , better lock water.

2. The bottom of the socks is full of sole with anti-skid particles of graphite , catch earth better .

3.Easy  to wear.

4. 3MM thick wet socks , prevent coral reef feet .

5. Four needle six thread , sewing exquisite .


Example for XL size:

Default length is 26CM. can be 32CM after stretch

Suitable crowd

1.Suitable for divers , thorn-proof, scratch-proof, cold-proof(Note: when diving hands and feet need to be protected from sharp coral etc.)

2.Suitable for wearing in the fins

3.Suitable for winter swimmers wearing,can be cold-proof,don't have to walk barefoot on the ice or bare feet in the water swimming.

4.Winter wear at home

Q: Will this product enter water under water?

Answer: of course, but as the product is elastic and very tight, so the amount of water is limited ,will not be burdened with a lot of water.

Q: How to keep warm if enter water?

Answer: Our material itself is waterproof, but water will flow from mouth and gaps of sewing.The working principle is heat the cold water of between skin and diving suit. The function of diving suit is keeping the warm water after heating , make body don't lost temperature under water, to achieve the function of warm.

Category: Diving

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