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Black Friday Offer ! Code:BFCM

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  • This fish finder is the wireless version of our 100m wired fish finder, designed for amateur and professional fishermen and fishing enthusiast to find out the fish location (either in groups or not) in any particular area and to determine the depth of the water. With the latest advanced sonar detection technology it can display live update of the water bottom contour. It also detects and displays grasses, sands and rocks on seabed.
  • With Rod andLine / Roach Pole. The Sensor has two holes builtin the base which enables you to thread your line throughsecurely. Once connected, cast the sensor into the water,to instantly scan the area below and not just the waterdirectly beneath the unit then send updates to the handheld unit. Within seconds you will know the depth, fishingenvironment and if there are any fish
  • Or With BaitBoats. You can either attach the sonar so that itis towed behind the boat, or attach to an appropriatebracket on your boat. Either way, the sonar works exactlythe same and will feed all the information back to yourhand held unit.

Power Source: DC 10V-18V
Detecting Range: 0.6-183 Meter
Sonar Coverage: 90 degrees in 125Khz, 45 degrees in 200Khz
Sonar Frequency: Two Modes: Cable: 200Khz, Wireless: 125Khz
Display: 2.8inch LC
Depth Capability: Cable transducer 328feet(100m);Wireless 147feet(45m)
Sonar Coverage: 45 degrees beam angle in 200Khz
Wireless operational Range: 328feet(100m)
Power: 3.7V
Operational Temperature: -14°F to 122°F(-10°C-50°C)

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