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Black Friday Offer ! Code:BFCM

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Sweating waist trimmer: Sweating waist trimmer is the secret to getting the Perfect Hourglass Figure. It cultivates your body heat when worn to promote sweating and rid your body of toxins, essentially turning your body into a fat-melting machine. Aggressive compression reduces your appetite by making you feel full on less. The inner Flexi-Boning keeps the garment from “Rolling Up” & losing its shape.

Sweating thigh trimmer and arm trimmer

  • Both comes in a set of 2
  • Tighten your skin while burn fat at the same time
  • Stretchy material to hold from 30 cm to 78 cm in Thigh Circumference and 24 cm to 45 cm in arm Circumference
  • Suitable to wear to Gym,Run,Workout
  • Burn extra fat while you doing your normal workout or just just do some housework
  • Gym Must Have!

Why You Should Try This Sweating  Trimmer Bundle?

Amazing Easy Weight Loss -  Promotes weight loss by preserving your natural body heat then stimulating  sweat loss during exercise, excess water can be moved and removed.

Use whilst doing chores —The great comfort fit makes the belt easy to wear whatever you are doing, so you can be getting that flat stomach and no one will know!

Wear with ComfortProvides instant abdominal compression and lumbar support for your back

Unbelievable crazy weight loss whilst you get on with your life.

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